We are LEKKER Bikes

Dutch-style bikes born in Australia and raised in Amsterdam that are adapted for international needs and conditions. Perfect for exploring the city streets around the world and heading out further afield, in a way that just makes sense. Since our launch in Australia, 2009, we grew into a market leading eBike brand in Australia with brand stores in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. Meanwhile we also launched LEKKER in Europe, and currently operating from our hubs in Amsterdam and Berlin. Why? Because we love the diversity of markets and get a real kick in finding the ultimate eBike range that excites riders around the globe.

The way we ride

At LEKKER, we believe in fostering a community of cyclists who embrace the joy of riding and cherish the freedom it brings. Our commitment extends beyond providing premium bikes; it’s about cultivating a lifestyle centered around exploration, connection, and wellbeing. Join us in celebrating the beauty of everyday adventures and the simple pleasures found on two wheels. Together, let’s ride towards a brighter, more sustainable future, one pedal stroke at a time. We at LEKKER have been redefining cycling since 2009 with European-produced and assembled bikes. By partnering with top-tier brands like Bafang®, Gates®, Schwalbe® and Enviolo®, our eBikes offer unmatched performance, durability and serviceability wherever you are. For years, LEKKER Bikes has remained one of the highest-rated eBike brands on Trustpilot®.

The perfect bike for you whereever you are

All thrills, no frills

A powerful and intuitive eBike reduced to the essentials, with attention to comfort, durability and a powerful ride with a top of the line middrive motor.

Customer Centric

A durable design, assembeled with only high-quality components without compromising on looks.


Easy to maintain eBike, wherever you are. Can stop by a LEKKER store or simply your neighborhood bike shop.


Meet Gen3, our latest powerful generation of eBikes. Launched in March 2024, featuring powerful Bafang® motors, Gates® CDX Belt Drive System, Enviolo® Stepless gearing, rock-solid frames, and intuitive controls.

Gen3 Jordaan Urban eBike

Gen3 Amsterdam Urban eBike

Gen3 Jordaan GTS eBike

Gen3 Amsterdam GTS eBike

What distinguishes LEKKER from the compeitition?

Stylish and uncomplicated

Beautifully simple, where sustanability and design come together.

The customer comes first

Sustainable eBikes that are made to last.

Made for easy service and maintenance

First-class standardized parts from renowned suppliers help to ensure universal, well rounded servicability.

Only functional technology

Simplicity is key. Our technology integrations are not complicated and easy to maintain.

Since 2009, we've had numerous successes

> 30.000

LEKKER Bikes on the road

In 3 countries

Focus on Germany, the Netherlands and Australia

€ 8.000.000

Turnover in 2023


Year-on-year growth in Germany and the Netherlands between 2020 and 2024

Our customers value us greatly

LEKKER Bikes in 5 years

In the coming years we will have more than 100,000 LEKKER eBikes on the road. Our focus lies on growth markets in Australia, Germany and The Netherlands. Our core factor for success, is our ability to maintain the highest customer ratings and low return rates.

We are building towards a turnover of more than €30 million, with a good result of more than €4 million. We aim to ensure an attractive return for the shareholders and aquirement by a larger market leader.

Become a shareholder now

Currently, LEKKER Bikes belongs to a small and selected group of shareholders. But we want you there- as our shareholder. Togerher, we beliee we can form a community of eBike lovers and make an impact in urban mobility. Are you in?

Our Growth strategy

The basics are in order...

Throughout recent years we’ve worked hard on solidifying the foundation of LEKKER with achievable results.


We’ve creasted an efficient and scalable team throught 2 continents.

A mix of young and experienced professionals helps to create a powerful data-driven e-commerce business model.


We have full focus on three large, attractive growth markets: Germany, The Netherlands, and Australia.

The entire chain from design to production and sales to maintenance is optimally organized.


With the new Gen3 eBikes, we’ve achieved 10% margin improvement, without the bicycles being (too) expensive for the consumer.

… so now we are going to grow at an accelerated pace

We have everything ready for profitable growth, we are ready to make an impact!

Building the brand

The foundation is being a strong and recognizable brand. We will demonstrate to you who we are in more places and with more resources why LEKKER is the best choice for future eBike customers.

Scaling e-commerce sales

We will strengthen our sales based on our data-driven sales model. Invest more in online marketing and ensure that the online shopping experience is positive and effective, with the combination of excellent high rating customer service.

Expanding our service proposition

We will accelerate growth in a sustainable way. We’ll reach more people with more service points and by offering test rides. We will also enter into intensive partnerships with leasing platforms.

Growth capital

To achieve our growth goals, we need capital. This helps us to build sufficient stock to be able to deliver quickly. Also with our ‘best’ in class’ specialist, we increase our marketing efforts for sales & partnerships.

Our financing round

Starting from early 2024, we are in need of €1.5 million in growth capital. We have already raised over €500,000 from existing shareholders, which we have used to finance the inventory of the new Gen3 bikes.

Now we are opening a new tranche of €500,000. We are pleased to offer you, as a loyal fan of LEKKER, the opportunity to invest in LEKKER Bikes. You can reserve your shares now. Once you have made the reservation, you will receive all the information about the finances and valuation in the coming weeks so that you can make an informed decision.

Invest now and become a shareholder of LEKKER Bikes

You can already invest starting from €250, but also with €10,000 or €100,000, and everything in between.

As a special thanks for investing, we have a nice bonus for you depending on your investment:

All investors receive a LEKKER tote bag

With an investment of €1,000: €100 shopping credit (for accessories)

With an investment of €5,000: 15% discount on a Gen3 eBike

With an investment of €10,000: 25% discount on a Gen3 eBike

With an investment of €25,000: 50% discount on a Gen3 eBike

With an investment of €50,000: in addition to a 50% discount on a Gen3 eBike, a day on a LEKKER Boat in Amsterdam – Including captain (4 hours)

What does it get you?

As a shareholder, you are entitled to all the financial benefits that come with the shares:

Profit sharing

Because we are a company that is still growing rapidly, we reinvest all profits into the company to increase LEKKER’s turnover. In the first few years, we do not expect to pay out any dividends yet. As soon as the profit and financial position allow it, we intend to pay out 50% of the profit as dividends.

Capital gains

Upon the sale of the shares, you will share in any capital gains. We aim to sell LEKKER Bikes in 5 years. All shareholders will then receive a portion of the proceeds proportionally. Of course, we do not know yet what LEKKER Bikes will yield at that time, but we aim for 3-6 times the current value. The expected average annual return through 2028 is then between 25% and 41%.

Finances 2023 - 2028

Strong revenue growth in key markets

>40% year-on-year growth in Germany and the Netherlands, while market position in Australia is being consolidated.

Improvement of gross margin by ~10% in 2024

Due to better terms with suppliers on Gen3 and higher standardization level in the product portfolio.

Limited growth of operating expenses

Growth of 17% in operating expenses despite additional marketing budgets, thanks to economies of scale.

LEKKER Bikes is valued at €8 million

This value has been determined based on commonly applied valuation methodologies and has been validated in the market. (Capital of over €0.5 million has been raised at this value).

What are you investing in?

You invest in certificates of shares of LEKKER Bikes Holding B.V. These certificates are issued by a foundation for administration (Stichting Administratiekantoor or STAK) STAK LEKKER Bikes community. In that STAK, the new ‘shareholders’ are grouped together. This allows many people to become co-shareholders without the intervolvement of a notary.

STAK LEKKER Bikes community becomes a shareholder in LEKKER Bikes Holding, alongside founder Meindert Wolfraad, another shareholder, and an existing STAK for previous investors.

Note: after completion of the financing round, the notary will issue new shares of LEKKER Bikes Holding B.V. to the STAK LEKKER Bikes community.

The percentages above refer to the distribution before the issuance of new shares. With €1 million raised in financing, 11% of shares in LEKKER Bikes Holding will be added.

The LEKKER Bikes team

LEKKER Bikes is led by a highly experienced management team, headed by Meindert Wolfraad, Niels Bark and Brad Brubaker.

Management Team

Meindert Wolfraad


  • Founder LEKKER Bikes & LEKKER Boats
  • Strategisch board member LEKKER Bikes

Niels Bark

Managing Director

  • Strong background in marketing and sales at various consumer and technology companies
  • Marketing and Sales Manager at VanMoof

Brad Brubaker

Finance & Operations Director

  • Strong background in finance and accounting in various FMCG and technology companies
  • Business Controlling Lead at VanMoof; Financial roles at Irdeto, Danone, and Amazon Robotics

Advisory Board

Peter Ottervanger


  • Senior executive with international experience in Automotive and FMCG
  • Leadership roles at Icebreaker GmbH and O’Neill

Rob Oudman


  • >25 years of experience in corporate finance
  • Managing Director & Head Benelux at Houlihan Lokey

Hugo van den Tillaart


  • Senior manager in operations, logistics, and supply chain
  • Senior Director at Nike

Frank van Driel


  • Serial entrepreneur in E-commerce
  • Founder of Yummygums; Co-founder of Budget Energie

How do you become a shareholder?

The purchase and registration of your shares are facilitated through the LEKKER Bikes investment portal. For this, we collaborate with Bloqhouse, a leading party for investment solutions. Where we have expertise in good bikes, they have expertise in investment environments.

Step 1: activate your account

Based on your reservation, we have created an account for you. You can create a password with your email address via the link below. You can immediately enter your personal information to complete your account. While your details are being processed and checked you can proceed to step 2.

Step 2: Buy your shares

You can buy shares for the amount of your reservation, or you can choose a different amount. Enter the number of shares, and you will immediately see the corresponding amount. You will receive an e-mail with the information to pay.

Step 3: Pay for your shares

You pay for your shares by bank transfer. The e-mail tells you exactly how to do this. There are no further transaction fees on your investment.